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Culinary passion and expertise are at the heart of our Savory activities. Our mission: provide the right solution to enhance the appeal of our customers' products. In short, we help create a memorable meal. Our specialties: soups, sauces, ready meals, protein, dressings, condiments, egg, and seafood.

Inspired Flavors A passion for Savory

At Firmenich, our love of food drives our passion for flavor.

Our TechnoChefs® are on a constant mission to explore fresh tastes, discover new and exciting culinary trends around the world and create one-of-a-kind flavor experiences for our customers. Combining both culinary and technical expertise, our chefs collaborate with our customers to create exclusive, customized flavor innovations that leave a lasting impression.

Our flavor development is rooted in state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to create the best flavor solutions on the market. Yet behind each ingeniously crafted creation is a passionate team of chefs motivated to deliver pleasure to consumers with simply irresistible flavors.

A bunch of fresh mountain herbs. The singular flavor of traditional coq au vin. A zest of lime. Whatever the taste profile, we tailor it to our customers’ specific needs, helping them create products that consumers crave.

TechnoChefs® Food Is Our Passion, Technology Is Our Specialty

Firmenich’s TechnoChefs® are the heartbeat of our Savory development teams around the world.

Our chefs have completed culinary training as well as earned degrees in chemistry or food science.

As a result, our TechnoChefs® combine culinary principles and food technology to provide commercial savory flavor solutions.


Firmenich’s TechnoChefs® offer a blend of culinary and scientific training.

Culinary background and restaurant experience to address:
• Food aesthetics
• Flavor
• Texture
• Aroma

Technical degrees and manufacturing experience to understand:
• Formulation
• Processing
• Costing

The CulinaryPrint® Process

The CulinaryPrint® process is an in-depth creation process used to develop authentic flavors from a culinary gold standard. Through this systematic and well-honed process, we help to ensure our Savory flavors taste great and exceed the needs of our customers.
Culinary Creation
The starting point is the creation of a culinary gold standard by our Firmenich TechnoChef®.
A thorough analysis is completed to define the key components driving the flavor profile.
Flavor Creation
The flavorist recreates the authentic taste through a combination of art, expertise and utilizing the proprietary molecules in the flavorist’s palette.
Product Testing
Flavor evaluation by consumers, flavor creation and culinary team.

"I love trying new things for our customers. They come to us to find the culinary imprint that we can put on a savory product. Whatever it is, wherever the flavor needs to come from, we strive to deliver great, culinary inspired flavors every time."

Sandy Cook, Firmenich TechnoChef®, Savory Foods

Making Healthy Taste Delicious REIMAGINING PROTEIN

At Firmenich, we are actively working with global experts, chefs and our customers to advance innovative green protein solutions that are nutritious, tasty and sustainable.

In promoting alternative proteins and putting them center plate, we are catalyzing a shift toward more sustainable protein production and consumption.

Watch the movie to learn more.

our customers Working with all types of food and beverage manufacturers around the world

Firmenich creates products for our customers that perfectly meet the wants and needs of their consumers. We work with major multi-nationals, mid-size regional companies – and everything in between.

Our creation and application teams have proven experience understanding the consumer packaged goods (CPGs) industry: many Firmenich team members previously worked at CPG companies. We appreciate the challenges our customers face, and we are naturally well-placed to create the right flavor solution for a range of applications.

With a solid understanding of the technical needs and back-of-house operations, we partner with food service customers to help them develop unique menu items to delight their consumers.

In many markets, distributors are essential for us to reach smaller customers, and we have created a network of reliable, world-class distributors. We value and nurture these strong relationships so that our flavor solutions can help any local company to succeed.
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